Monday, May 10, 2010

Dreaming of paint cans...

A few nights ago I had my first dream with Tony in it since his death. It was a bittersweet moment to wake up. How I longed to go back to sleep, yet my alarm clock was telling me otherwise. Recounting the dream in this blog would require too much to write and too much to explain, so I will simply say it was filled with sweet moments and sweet dreams of memories shared with my husband.

I did vividly recall at one point in my dream a clear vision of Tony carrying cans of paint. There were at least 3 cans of the brightest colors - red (UGA red, of course!), blue, and yellow. I found this quite random when I awoke, but that quickly changed to a great sense of awe.

I have said over and over again that my current view of life without Tony is a giant white canvas that God will paint again in time. Those paint cans represent some of the vivid colors God will use to create a beautiful picture with my life. What is even cooler is that these are the basic primary colors, from which all other colors are created. And, God used my sweet husband to deliver those to me to remind me that Tony will always be a part of my life - his values and his life mission are intertwined with mine for eternity.

Now I will wait until I receive a can opener, a paint brush, and a vision of what to paint. Time will tell...

Dearly loved painter,



  1. wow! and i thought my dream about the bones was interesting. (a result of studying too much anatomy and physiology. i woke up saying "olecrenon process" outloud.)

    Mel-Friend...that is sweet and i am glad you can have such sweet dreams! i pray that God continues to say "hi" to you on a daily basis!

  2. love love love this. love love love YOU!!!!!!!

  3. What an amazing telling dream.
    I love you and am SO happy that you finally met Tony in the dreamworld dear sister.
    Love you always,

  4. Hello Melissa! I just happened upon your blog through your facebook page and this post is sooo amazing! You are a wonderful writer! You are in my thoughts and prayers and I am very happy to have met you! Please let me know if there is anything you may need help with! :) and keep writing!!!