Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow days...

Ahh, snow days...even a hint of those words usually makes my heart skip a beat.  I just love an unexpected break from the bussle of life.  And I'm like a little child in awe of the bright white reflecting from the window as I awake to a winter wonderland that first morning after it snows.

I say usually because these days, seemingly unending, this week have made me miss Tony even more.  Sure I love being home with my family, but what I'd really love is to have some extra time with him.

We enjoyed our fair share of snow, that's for sure.  I recall running out to play in it our first winter after we were married, the only time Tony ever threw anything at me.  He hit me with hard-packed snowballs, I retaliated with soft-packed ones that exploded right in his face.  I'm pretty sure I won.

I had never been out west to see snow until after we were married.  He planned a week-long vacation to Colorado so I could learn to snowboard.  I failed miserably.  Still, he set aside his dissappointment to take me on a birthday excursion I will never forget - snowmobiling. It was as if we were in an enchanted forest, snow up to my knees, trees towering above, breath-taking views.  I loved it.

We were given a special gift of several snow days this time last year, just shortly after our move into our new home in Atlanta.  I recall being so excited when even Emory cancelled classes one day so that we could spend that time together.  We spent most of the day snoozing, until we would hear the sound of squalling tires outside.  We peered through the blinds to watch our neighbors trying to drive up the hill to get out of our neighborhood, covered with a solid sheet of ice.

And we'd laugh.  Truly it was not our finest moment of "love thy neighbor" but laugh at thy neighbor instead.  Back to sleep we would go, until the next car came sliding through.

I hope these precious moments are frozen in my memory forever.

Dearly loved, and hoping the snow melts soon,

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